The Ultimate Guide to Headcount Forecasting

Headcount forecasting, pivotal for corporate profitability, remains a cumbersome and outdated process, too often focused on operational efficiency rather than strategic decision-making.

This guide covers: 

  • The increasing complexity of FP&A leadership
  • Challenges in recruiting and retaining FP&A leaders
  • The role of technology in FP&A evolution

Why Precanto?

Precanto’s AI/ML prediction engine empowers finance leaders with real-time visibility and actionable insights into headcount forecasts. Precanto liberates finance leaders from manual data wrangling and outdated models, so they can become strategic leaders that help drive business growth.

Founded by seasoned finance professionals from industry giants like Anaplan, Oracle, Palo Alto Networks, Salesforce, and Tesco.
Our AI/ML technology surpasses traditional forecasting methods, learning and adapting from your enterprise's unique data model.
Budget owners can quickly request headcount adjustments within budget constraints, fostering collaboration and alignment across departments.

"I am more excited about the Precanto platform and its potential to transform corporations than I was when I first invested in Anaplan, in 2010. Precanto is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to redefine how finance and business unit leaders collaborate to drive efficiency in process, corporate growth, and spending."

Ravi Mohan
Former co-founder of Shasta Ventures and early Anaplan investor

"If you don’t know exactly where you stand with regard to headcount forecasting, you don’t know what you’re burning into the future from a cash perspective. After decades in finance it’s great to finally see a real solution with Precanto."

Liz Brittain
CFO, Silicon Valley

"Precanto’s actionable insights using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics help finance teams tremendously."

Steven Wu
CFO at Guideline and former Finance leader at Qualtrics and Anaplan

Transform your headcount forecasting with Precanto

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