September 26, 2023
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The Precanto Journey: Intern Addition

As my second internship with Precanto approaches its conclusion, I want to reflect on my experience. My last day as an intern marks the culmination of two summers wherein I have been immersed into the dynamic world of a disruptive startup. As I prepare to return back to college, I am filled with gratitude for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve not only observed but also actively participated in various facets of the company, spanning from product marketing, accounting, sales, and more. These immersive experiences have provided me with invaluable insights that could only be found with a hands-on internship opportunity.

In the coming year, I will be a rising senior at the University of Oregon, where I will continue to pursue a degree in finance. I have always had an interest in the tech industry since I was young, very possibly from growing up in the Bay Area. However, my perception of the industry remained rather ambiguous before joining Precanto. Precanto has played an integral part in changing my understanding of the tech landscape. Initially, my imagination led me to believe in a common narrative, a dog-eat-dog, cutthroat environment. Yet, my experience at Precanto has broadened my perspective to a whole new world view. It has revealed to me that the tech world not only boasts innovation and disruption but is also home to some of the most authentic and supportive people and cultures I could have hoped to encounter.

Role and Growth

Coming aboard my sophomore summer, I found the process of identifying a specific career direction to be very difficult. How do I navigate the endless possibilities of career choice? Fortunately, Precanto provided the environment where I could explore my career aspirations.

Embracing the startup spirit, I was not just tied down to one specific project. Precanto allowed me to explore what interested me the most. One project I loved in particular was working on competitive analysis. In this project, I conducted extensive research on the competitive landscape and learned how Precanto is specifically disrupting the space and carving new paths. This project also allowed me to work in a cross-functional position enabling me to seek input from team members across the company. Something emphasized in the Precanto culture are team members who are willing to “wear multiple hats.” Throughout my time, I was given opportunities to be part of competitive research, accounting tasks, product marketing, social marketing initiatives, website development, and much more. I was supported to explore the possibilities, granting me the freedom and trust to take projects and run with them. 

My time at college has laid the foundation, but Precanto built the house. I learned directly from the co-founders and collaborated with their exceptional team members across the US and India. As I return to school, I do so with newfound confidence and a broader perspective on my studies. Those late-night study sessions before finals will now carry the weight of real-world applicability, thanks to my experience at Precanto. My horizons have expanded, and I see boundless possibilities ahead.

Key Takeaways

If I were to pinpoint a single aspect of my Precanto experience for which I'm profoundly grateful, it would undoubtedly be the extraordinary people and the vibrant culture they've fostered. Working in a startup environment, every day brought new challenges and surprises, but one constant remained, the unwavering support I received from the Precanto team.

Precanto showed me it is more than a company; it's a close-knit community of individuals united by their authentic personalities and a shared passion for disrupting finance through AI/ML innovation. The co-founders, in particular, played a pivotal role in my growth. They made it a priority to invest in my learning, offering me the unique opportunity to gain insights directly from seasoned finance and go-to-market experts. 

Central to the remarkable culture at Precanto is the foundation of trust. From the moment I began my journey at Precanto, trust was apparent in every interaction and decision. It was a guiding principle that underscored our daily operations and shaped the way we worked together. Precanto exemplifies this by fostering an environment where team members trust one another's expertise, judgment, and dedication to the company's goals. The culture fosters collaboration, long-form discussions, and respectful disagreement. This culture of trust extended to me as an intern, allowing me the autonomy to take on projects, make decisions, and explore new territory within the organization. Furthermore, this sense of trust empowered me and others to learn and adapt swiftly, knowing that I had the support and confidence of my teams and mentors.

The sense of support and belonging I experienced within the Precanto culture is something I'll carry with me throughout my career journey. It has become a benchmark against which I'll measure every future career opportunity and evaluation.

Looking Ahead

As I approach my senior year in college and consider the path ahead in my career, my internship at Precanto stands out as a transformative chapter. The exposure to Precanto's unique culture and the daily interactions with its - management team and talented data scientists and product management specialists have left a mark on my aspirations. This experience has invigorated my drive within to strive for excellence and mirror the remarkable performance of those I've worked alongside. Further, Precanto is a culture of innovation. All ideas are welcomed. Through the combination of trust and innovation, Precanto creates an environment that encourages its employees to take a leap on a project or idea, knowing your team has your back to support you along the way. For me, it was a work environment dream come true. The support, mentorship, and camaraderie within the Precanto community have made it an extraordinary journey.


The significance of this internship at Precanto cannot be overstated. It has been a transformative journey that has expanded my horizons, broadened my skills, and deepened my understanding of the tech industry, finance, and the power of AI/ML. The experiences, lessons, and relationships created during my time here will be a driving influence on my future endeavors in profound ways. This experience over the last two summers has not only equipped me with practical knowledge and expertise but has also instilled in me a sense of purpose and a drive to excel in future aspirations. 

As I conclude this reflection, I invite all aspiring professionals and students to seek out opportunities where the culture creates a sense of belonging.  In the fast-paced and changing world we often find ourselves in, there are certainly challenges—moments of stress, pressure, and the occasional late-night hustle. However, the magic lies in the unwavering support and camaraderie of your colleagues, which not only helps you overcome these challenges but propels you to thrive through them. So, if you are starting your own journey, or redirecting your current path, remember that the relationships you form in your workplace can be the difference between hardships or growth.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the founding team at Precanto and all of the Precanto team members, who made me feel so welcome. Your vision, dedication, and unwavering support have made this internship an enriching experience that I will carry with me throughout my career. Thank you for fostering a culture of learning, trust, and innovation that has inspired me to reach new heights. 

Joshua Hollingsworth
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